Hyeonsu Bang


I am currently pursuing a Ph.D. in the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering at Sungkyunkwan University (SKKU). I am advised by Jong Hwan Ko in the SKKU IRIS Lab, and I completed my master’s degree in the same lab. My topics of interest include AI processor, on-device AI, and in-memory computing. Outside of studies, my hobbies include running, bodyweight exercise, and card magic.


Email : qkdgustn2004@naver.com


AI Processor
On-Device AI
In-Memory Computing
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Ph.D. | Electrical and Computer Engineering | SKKU | Sep. 2023 - Present
M.S. | Artificial Intelligence | SKKU | Mar. 2021 - Aug. 2023
B.S. | Electronic and Electrical Engineering | SKKU | Mar. 2015 - Feb. 2021


International Journal

[J4] Reconfigurable Resistive Switching Memory for Telegraph Code Sensing and Recognizing Reservoir Computing Systems
Dohyung Kim*, Phuoc Loc Truong*, Cheong Beom Lee, Hyeonsu Bang, Jia Choi, Seokhyun Ham, Jong Hwan Ko, Kyeounghak Kim, Daeho Lee†, and Hui Joon Park†
Small 2024 (impact factor: 13.0, JCR top 7%)
[J3] One-Shot Remote Integration of Macromolecular Synaptic Elements on a Chip for Ultrathin Flexible Neural Network System
Jiyun Lee*, Jaehoon Lee*, Hyeonsu Bang, Tae Woong Yoon, Jong Hwan Ko, Guobing Zhang, Ji-Sang Park, Il Jeon, Sungjoo Lee, and Boseok Kang†
Advanced Materials 2024 (impact factor: 27.4, JCR top 2%)
[J2] Highly Reliable 3D Channel Memory and Its Application in a Neuromorphic Sensory System for Finger Motion Tracking
Dohyung Kim*, Cheong Beom Lee*, Kyu Kwan Park*, Hyeonsu Bang, Phuoc Loc Truong, Jongmin Lee, Bum Ho Jeong, Hakjun Kim, Sang Min Won, Do Hwan Kim, Daeho Lee, Jong Hwan Ko, Hyoung Won Baac†, Kyeounghak Kim†, and Hui Joon Park†
ACS Nano 2023 (impact factor: 17.1, JCR top 6%)
[J1] Room-Temperature-Processable Highly Reliable Resistive Switching Memory with Reconfigurability for Neuromorphic Computing and Ultrasonic Tissue Classification
Dohyung Kim*, Hyeonsu Bang*, Hyoung Won Baac*, Jongmin Lee, Phuoc Loc Truong, Bum Ho Jeong, Tamilselvan Appadurai, Kyu Kwan Park, Donghyeok Heo, Vu Binh Nam, Hocheon Yoo, Kyeounghak Kim, Daeho Lee†, Jong Hwan Ko†, and Hui Joon Park†
Advanced Functional Materials 2023 (impact factor: 19.0, JCR top 5%)

International Conference

[C4] TraiNDSim: A Simulation Framework for Comprehensive Performance Evaluation of Neuromorphic Devices for On-Chip Training
Donghyeok Heo, Hyeonsu Bang, and Jong Hwan Ko†
DAC 2024 (acceptance rate: 23%)
[C3] DCR: Decomposition-Aware Column Re-Mapping for Stuck-At-Fault Tolerance in ReRAM Arrays
Hyeonsu Bang, Kang Eun Jeon, Johnny Rhe, and Jong Hwan Ko†
ICCD 2023 (acceptance rate: 28%)
[C2] Weight-Aware Activation Mapping for Energy-Efficient Convolution on PIM Arrays
Kang Eun Jeon, Johnny Rhe, Hyeonsu Bang, and Jong Hwan Ko†
[C1] SS-IL: Separated Softmax for Incremental Learning
Hongjoon Ahn*, Jihwan Kwak*, Subin Lim, Hyeonsu Bang, Hyojun Kim, and Taesup Moon†
ICCV 2021 (acceptance rate: 25.9%)

Other Activities

Senior Member of Young Engineers Honor Society (YEHS)
KATUSA | Military Service | Dec. 2016 - Sep. 2018