Hyeonsu Bang


I am currently pursuing a Ph.D. in the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering at Sungkyunkwan University (SKKU). I am advised by Jong Hwan Ko in the SKKU IRIS Lab, and I completed my master’s degree in the same lab. My topics of interest include AI processor, in-memory computing, and hardware-aware deep learning algorithms. Outside of studies, my hobbies include bodyweight exercise, running, basketball, and card magic.


Email : qkdgustn2004@naver.com


AI Processor
In-Memory Computing
Hardware-Aware Deep Learning Algorithms
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Ph.D. | Electrical and Computer Engineering | SKKU | Sep. 2023 - Present
M.S. | Artificial Intelligence | SKKU | Mar. 2021 - Aug. 2023
B.S. | Electronic and Electrical Engineering | SKKU | Mar. 2015 - Feb. 2021


International Journal

[J2] Highly Reliable 3D Channel Memory and Its Application in a Neuromorphic Sensory System for Finger Motion Tracking
Dohyung Kim*, Cheong Beom Lee*, Kyu Kwan Park*, Hyeonsu Bang, Phuoc Loc Truong, Jongmin Lee, Bum Ho Jeong, Hakjun Kim, Sang Min Won, Do Hwan Kim, Daeho Lee, Jong Hwan Ko, Hyoung Won Baac^, Kyeounghak Kim^, and Hui Joon Park^
ACS Nano 2023 (impact factor: 17.1, JCR top 6%)
[J1] Room-Temperature-Processable Highly Reliable Resistive Switching Memory with Reconfigurability for Neuromorphic Computing and Ultrasonic Tissue Classification
Dohyung Kim*, Hyeonsu Bang*, Hyoung Won Baac*, Jongmin Lee, Phuoc Loc Truong, Bum Ho Jeong, Tamilselvan Appadurai, Kyu Kwan Park, Donghyeok Heo, Vu Binh Nam, Hocheon Yoo, Kyeounghak Kim, Daeho Lee^, Jong Hwan Ko^, and Hui Joon Park^
Advanced Functional Materials 2023 (impact factor: 19.0, JCR top 5%)

International Conference

[C4] TraiNDSim: A Simulation Framework for Comprehensive Performance Evaluation of Neuromorphic Devices for On-Chip Training
Donghyeok Heo, Hyeonsu Bang, and Jong Hwan Ko^
DAC 2024 (acceptance rate: 23%)
[C3] DCR: Decomposition-Aware Column Re-Mapping for Stuck-At-Fault Tolerance in ReRAM Arrays
Hyeonsu Bang, Kang Eun Jeon, Johnny Rhe, and Jong Hwan Ko^
ICCD 2023 (acceptance rate: 28%)
[C2] Weight-Aware Activation Mapping for Energy-Efficient Convolution on PIM Arrays
Kang Eun Jeon, Johnny Rhe, Hyeonsu Bang, and Jong Hwan Ko^
[C1] SS-IL: Separated Softmax for Incremental Learning
Hongjoon Ahn*, Jihwan Kwak*, Subin Lim, Hyeonsu Bang, Hyojun Kim, and Taesup Moon^
ICCV 2021 (acceptance rate: 25.9%)

Other Activities

Senior Member of Young Engineers Honor Society (YEHS)
KATUSA | Military Service | Dec. 2016 - Sep. 2018